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Goti de Fornase

€ 279,00

DescriptionSet of "Goti de Fornase" water glasses with different colour patterns and uneven glass swirls. This item is characteristic of the Murano kiln...

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Set of 6 tumblers ups and downs

€ 540,00


Set of 6 tumblers in Murano glass. The set consists of 3 pieces 3 pieces ups and downs, worked in colored glass crystal with white watermark. Available in colors: pink, green and blue.


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Set of 4 large crystal glasses

€ 260,00


Set of 4 glasses crystal Murano glass crystal color worked with pieces of colored glass and application of thin gold leaf.


Height: 17 cm Diameter: 10 cm

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Set of 4 Goths spotted

€ 199,00


Set of 4 Goti de Fornase based piebald color crystal glass mouth-blown Murano. The glasses are made with hot applications of glass pieces of various colors and thin leaves of gold.


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