Murano Glass Wonders

...and the beauty of venetian glass! 

The Muranoglasswonders had its beginnings in a love of the art of Murano glass blowing. Our products are the result of centuries of experience of working with glass paste, made out of humble natural elements such as sand, silica, quartz and metals.


These works of art, created by the Master glassmakers of Murano, are a fusion of strength and fragility.


Each blown glass item is unique; delicate yet sturdy, transmitting the energy of the Master responsible for its creation. Touch it and you will understand the difference.


Our blown glass pieces are perfect for a wonderful present, to complement your home or even for your workplace. The Muranoglasswonders offers exclusive blown glass sets such as glasses, goblets, carafes, bowls, candelabras, fruit bowls, cornucopia, sculptures, vases and designer items, making it the ideal place to buy Murano glass without problems.

Fabiano Amadi: Large Bark Vase

Fabiano Amadi: Museum Chalice